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Age Alone Change Dad Family God Mom Morning Parenting Peace Science Sports

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Cindy Crawford has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about age, alone, change, dad, family, god, mom, morning, parenting, peace, science & sports. People always share Age quotes, Alone quotes, change, dad, family, god, mom, morning, parenting & peace from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Cindy Crawford?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Cindy Crawford.

  • The face you have at age 25 is the face God gave you, but the face you have after 50 is the face you earned.
  • It's important for moms to have alone time. However, that's the first thing that goes on a busy day. Fortunately for me, because of my job, I have to find the time to do it. At least that's the way my mind sees it.
  • It's a huge change for your body. You don't even want to look in the mirror after you've had a baby, because your stomach is just hanging there like a Shar-Pei.
  • Watching your husband become a father is really sexy and wonderful.
  • Nobody in my family ever thought that I'd a be a model.
  • When you are getting ready to become a mom, being in love with someone just isn't enough. You need to think about whether he would be a good parent and raise your children with similar beliefs.
  • I like to work. The self-esteem and satisfaction that I get from working makes me a better person, which makes me a better mom. I feel lucky because I have the luxury of working only one or two days a week.
  • But I try to steal other moments. Sometimes I get up very early in the morning and enjoy a quiet house and cup of tea before the craziness begins. Other times, I'll take a quick walk on the beach. You can find peace in a few minutes.
  • I don't think makeup is rocket science or a cure for cancer.
  • It's become another dimension to who I am. I don't think Sports Illustrated is going to be wanting me. But who cares? I'm at a different place in my life.