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Business Cool Dad Design Experience Family Future Government Home Hope Morning Respect Science Teacher Work

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Dave Eggers has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about business, cool, dad, design, experience, family, future, government, home, hope, morning, respect, science, teacher & work. People always share Business quotes, Cool quotes, dad, design, experience, family, future, government, home & hope from his literary works.

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Here are the top most famous quotes by Dave Eggers.

  • To me, the print business model is so simple, where readers pay a dollar for all the content within, and that supports the enterprise.
  • McSweeney's as a publishing company is built on a business model that only works when we sell physical books. So we try to put a lot of effort into the design and production of the book-as-object.
  • It was just an idea I had, that it could be cool to have a book covered in fake fur.
  • But while mum and dad were incredibly caring, it was also a very chaotic household where everyone fought about everything. So I know what it's like to internalize all that chaos.
  • I think newspapers shouldn't try to compete directly with the Web, and should do what they can do better, which may be long-form journalism and using photos and art, and making connections with large-form graphics and really enhancing the tactile experience of paper.
  • Well, my background is journalism. I don't have any creative-writing experience except for one class I took as a sophomore in college.
  • It's not that our family has no taste, it's just that our family's taste is inconsistent.
  • I think there's a future where the Web and print coexist and they each do things uniquely and complement each other, and we have what could be the ultimate and best-yet array of journalistic venues.
  • I'm interested in the human impact of the giant foot of misplaced government. After all, we encounter it every day.
  • And that's actually the brunt of what we do is, people going straight from their workplace, straight from home, straight into the classroom and working directly with the students. So then we're able to work with thousands and thousands more students.