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What does Deepak Chopra write about?

Deepak Chopra has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about alone, beauty, best, change, communication, death, easter, emotional, experience, failure, fear, god, good, happiness, health, imagination, intelligence, leadership, life, love, medical, morning, nature, peace, positive, relationship, religion, science, society, spiritual, success, technology, time, truth & wisdom. People always share Alone quotes, Beauty quotes, best, change, communication, death, easter, emotional, experience & failure from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Deepak Chopra?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Deepak Chopra.

  • Success comes when people act together failure tends to happen alone.
  • Victims always feel alone and helpless.
  • Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention.
  • Research has shown that the best way to be happy is to make each day happy.
  • The intention to live as long as possible isn't one of the mind's best intentions, because quantity isn't the same as quality.
  • We are not victims of aging, sickness and death. These are part of scenery, not the seer, who is immune to any form of change. This seer is the spirit, the expression of eternal being.
  • The secret of attraction is to love yourself. Attractive people judge neither themselves nor others. They are open to gestures of love. They think about love, and express their love in every action. They know that love is not a mere sentiment, but the ultimate truth at the heart of the universe.
  • Dont rob a friend, a partner, family member or the world of someone that could have been a real companion, and someone that could make a difference. Dont ever give up being special!
  • The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking.
  • The fear of death comes from limited awareness.