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Amazing Cool Design Diet Experience Faith Famous Food Home Mom Movies Positive Relationship Romantic Sports Trust

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What does Fergie write about?

Fergie has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about amazing, cool, design, diet, experience, faith, famous, food, home, mom, movies, positive, relationship, romantic, sports & trust. People always share Amazing quotes, Cool quotes, design, diet, experience, faith, famous, food, home & mom from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Fergie?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Fergie.

  • There are so many different people that I've emulated vocally. In the rock world - Sebastian Bach, Vince Neil, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant. They all had amazing vocal talent.
  • It's cool to express myself, but I've had to learn that doing interviews isn't completely therapy - spilling everything about yourself isn't healthy all the time. But I've been through things that have made me a stronger person, and if I can help some people, I will.
  • Luckily I don't have to buy shoes anymore, because I design them! I'm off tour, so I can dive in and create the shoes that I want for my line. But okay, I did buy a pair of vintage combat boots because they were so beaten up - I had to have them.
  • In L.A., I get a meal delivery service called Diet Designs. I like a nice butter lettuce salad with some avocado, fresh grapefruit, shredded chicken breast and raw almond slices with a sesame vinaigrette dressing. I also love juicing and am kind of obsessed with it.
  • I have my team. Like if you see everyone around me - I have my hair and makeup girl, my assistant. They're very calm, they're all about positive energy. There're no drama queens. Everyone wants everyone else to have a positive experience. There are no agendas. I think it creates a healthy environment and there are no boundaries to cross.
  • There were periods of my life when a lot of people didn't believe in me. I still had faith in myself. I really had to ask myself life questions. Where do I see myself in five years? Create a ladder for yourself, and walk up the steps. Climb that ladder.
  • A lot of times on tour it's about, 'OK, where am I today? Wow, I'm in Costa Rica. What is their famous dish?' And it's about trying the food, and really experiencing it.
  • I'm famous for splurging at fast-food places. I'm currently obsessed with Taco Bell's bean and cheese burritos with extra green sauce and extra cheese. Gluttony!
  • I know this sounds generic, but I'm so happy to be home with my husband, my family, and my dog.
  • Grades were important in our house. I was reading by two. My mom would sit there and read with me, read with me, read with me. It was wonderful.
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