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George W.Bush Quotes and its meanings

George W.Bush has written on many topics. Some of the topics he has discussed most are as follows;

Age Alone Best Change Courage Education Failure Faith Fear Freedom God Good Government History Hope Leadership Legal Marriage Money Morning Nature Patience Peace Politics Power Religion Strength Success Time Trust War Women Work

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What does George W.Bush write about?

George W.Bush has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about age, alone, best, change, courage, education, failure, faith, fear, freedom, god, good, government, history, hope, leadership, legal, marriage, money, morning, nature, patience, peace, politics, power, religion, strength, success, time, trust, war, women & work. People always share Age quotes, Alone quotes, best, change, courage, education, failure, faith, fear & freedom from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by George W.Bush?

Here are the top most famous quotes by George W.Bush.

  • I think we ought to raise the age at which juveniles can have a gun.
  • The momentum of freedom in our world is unmistakable - and it is not carried forward by our power alone. We can trust in that greater power Who guides the unfolding of the years. And in all that is to come, we can know that His purposes are just and true.
  • Great tragedy has come to us, and we are meeting it with the best that is in our country, with courage and concern for others because this is America. This is who we are.
  • I told you I'm not going to criticize my successor. I'll just tell you that there are people at Gitmo that will kill American people at a drop of a hat and I don't believe that persuasion isn't going to work. Therapy isn't going to cause terrorists to change their mind.
  • Today we affirm a new commitment to live out our nation's promise through civility, courage, compassion and character.
  • Only a liberal senator from Massachusetts would say that a 49 percent increase in funding for education was not enough.
  • I'm hopeful. I know there is a lot of ambition in Washington, obviously. But I hope the ambitious realize that they are more likely to succeed with success as opposed to failure.
  • Do I think faith will be an important part of being a good president? Yes, I do.
  • Faith crosses every border and touches every heart in every nation.
  • Everywhere that freedom stirs, let tyrants fear.
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