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Amazing Car Dad Faith Learning Pet Sad Travel

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Hope Davis has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about amazing, car, dad, faith, learning, pet, sad & travel. People always share Amazing quotes, Car quotes, dad, faith, learning, pet, sad & travel from his literary works.

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  • But I think Hillary Clinton is one of the most amazing women of this time.
  • Every summer my husband and I pack our suitcases, load our kids into the car, and drive from tense, crowded New York City to my family's cottage in Maine. It's on an island, with stretches of sea and sandy beaches, rocky coasts, and pine trees. We barbecue, swim, lie around, and try to do nothing.
  • When my dad needed a shirt ironed, he would yell downstairs to my mother, who would drop everything and iron his shirt.
  • I was never the ingenue, so hopefully that'll make it easier to age and still work. I know a lot of actors who are really dissatisfied with where they're at even though some of them are huge stars and I feel like, 'Oh, my God, you're at the top.' Something interesting will come. It always does. I have faith.
  • I've seen a lot of the United States, having stayed in so many different cities and towns for work. It's such a strange and fascinating country, and instead of learning about it through a textbook, I would rather discover its history and traditions and institutions through fiction and nonfiction writers.
  • I've been lucky. I've made films that I really like. It's been a combination of what comes to me and what I choose. I've gone after lots of things that I didn't get, pet projects that everybody ends up chasing after. Really, you're lucky if you get anything.
  • You know what I have noticed? And this is really sad. Flying first class is less scary than flying coach. They speak to you and they're so nice to you and they want to help you and they know you want a drink before the plane takes off. And they bring it to you without asking. If you're sitting in coach and hoping for a drink, good luck.
  • I travel all the time, and I have two small children.