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Jane Austen has written on many topics. Some of the topics he has discussed most are as follows;

Alone Beauty Best Business Education Forgiveness Friendship Good Great Happiness Home Hope Imagination Love Marriage Men Money Nature Politics Respect Truth Women

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What does Jane Austen write about?

Jane Austen has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about alone, beauty, best, business, education, forgiveness, friendship, good, great, happiness, home, hope, imagination, love, marriage, men, money, nature, politics, respect, truth & women. People always share Alone quotes, Beauty quotes, best, business, education, forgiveness, friendship, good, great & happiness from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Jane Austen?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Jane Austen.

  • Woman is fine for her own satisfaction alone. No man will admire her the more, no woman will like her the better for it. Neatness and fashion are enough for the former, and a something of shabbiness or impropriety will be most endearing to the latter.
  • To look almost pretty is an acquisition of higher delight to a girl who has been looking plain for the first fifteen years of her life than a beauty from her cradle can ever receive.
  • A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.
  • We do not look in our great cities for our best morality.
  • One man's ways may be as good as another's, but we all like our own best.
  • Business, you know, may bring you money, but friendship hardly ever does.
  • Give a girl an education and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without further expense to anybody.
  • Men have had every advantage of us in telling their own story. Education has been theirs in so much higher a degree the pen has been in their hands. I will not allow books to prove anything.
  • Selfishness must always be forgiven you know, because there is no hope of a cure.
  • Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.