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Jay Chiat has written on many topics. Some of the topics he has discussed most are as follows;

Architecture Technology

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What does Jay Chiat write about?

Jay Chiat has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about architecture & technology. People always share Architecture quotes, Technology quotes, from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Jay Chiat?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Jay Chiat.

  • The intellectual architecture means focusing on doing great work instead of focusing on agency politics.
  • The team architecture means setting up an organization that helps people produce that great work in teams.
  • Our technology is very scalable. Our software can accommodate enormous numbers of clients. It's a marvelous opportunity. We'll keep developing products.
  • But I think technology advertising will have to stop addressing how products are made and concentrate more on what a product will do for the consumer.
  • Technology is the fashion of the '90s. It affects everyone, and everyone is interested in it - either from fear of being left behind or because they have a real need to use technology.
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