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Age Architecture Art Business Communication Good Happiness Home Music Nature Poetry Relationship Religion Respect Success Sympathy War Wisdom

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What does Joni Mitchell write about?

Joni Mitchell has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about age, architecture, art, business, communication, good, happiness, home, music, nature, poetry, relationship, religion, respect, success, sympathy, war & wisdom. People always share Age quotes, Architecture quotes, art, business, communication, good, happiness, home, music & nature from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Joni Mitchell?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Joni Mitchell.

  • I conceived in art college at the age of 20, near the end of term.
  • I see music as fluid architecture.
  • Back then, I didn't have a big organization around me. I was just a kid with a guitar, traveling around. My responsibility basically was to the art, and I had extra time on my hands. There is no extra time now. There isn't enough time.
  • I hate show business.
  • I heard someone from the music business saying they are no longer looking for talent, they want people with a certain look and a willingness to cooperate.
  • Love is touching souls.
  • You could write a song about some kind of emotional problem you are having, but it would not be a good song, in my eyes, until it went through a period of sensitivity to a moment of clarity. Without that moment of clarity to contribute to the song, it's just complaining.
  • I don't understand why Europeans and South Americans can take more sophistication. Why is it that Americans need to hear their happiness major and their tragedy minor, and as jazzy as they can handle is a seventh chord? Are they not experiencing complex emotions?
  • I come from pioneer stock, developers of the West, people who went out into the wilderness and set up home with nothing but a pair of oxen.
  • I have one piece of music, since 1997, and I don't see it having lyrics. Where does it go in this world? So I haven't recorded it.