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Age Amazing Beauty Cool Diet Family Food Funny Future Happiness Home Movies Music Nature Relationship Trust

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Lea Michele has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about age, amazing, beauty, cool, diet, family, food, funny, future, happiness, home, movies, music, nature, relationship & trust. People always share Age quotes, Amazing quotes, beauty, cool, diet, family, food, funny, future & happiness from his literary works.

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Here are the top most famous quotes by Lea Michele.

  • Growing up on stage, I was introduced to makeup at a young age and I will never forget the first time I tried on a L'Oreal Paris iconic lipstick - it was instant glamour and I've been hooked ever since.
  • Growing up in New York has influenced my style so much, and I have an amazing relationship with my stylist, Estee Stanley. We have so much fun with the whole process. She picks out dresses, I try things on and play dress up, and we get creative to see what works.
  • Every now and then, I have blissful moments of thanking God for all the amazing things that are happening. When I leave the White House after just meeting Obama or when I see my face on the cover of 'Rolling Stone' or when I meet someone who tells me that their daughter is inspired by me, those are moments that are incredibly joyful.
  • I'm overjoyed and beyond honored to be a part of the L'Oreal Paris family. I'm such a fan of L'Oreal Paris not just for all of their amazing products, but for what they stand for.
  • I am an unconventional beauty. I grew up in a high school where if you didn't have a nose job and money and if you weren't thin, you weren't cool, popular, beautiful. I was always told that I wasn't pretty enough to be on television.
  • But my main thing that I would love to see as a fan of 'Glee,' like I said, is to really get into the character and who they are and what they do outside of school. I think that that's interesting. And then of course the themed stuff and the album episodes are all really cool too.
  • I was in choir in school. I kind of just did it. I already knew I wanted to sing. My music program in my school wasn't really great - people didn't really want to be part of the choir, they didn't want to do the plays and stuff like that. It definitely wasn't the cool thing to do.
  • I was a vegan for two years, and I really enjoyed it. Then, I got to a point in my life at which I wanted to do something else, so now I'm a vegetarian. You should make your diet one that best fits you and how you feel. Listen to your body. The most important thing is to exercise, drink lots of water, and take really good care of yourself.
  • I love being healthy. I get a lot of sleep. I'm a girl who eats. And I feel beautiful no matter how I look. I have my family to thank for that.
  • I love to cook so much. I like to cook everything. I really like to eat my food.