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Amazing Computers Respect

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Robert B. Laughlin has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about amazing, computers & respect. People always share Amazing quotes, Computers quotes, respect from his literary works.

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  • It was at Bell Labs that I first made direct contact with real semiconductor experts and thus began to fully understand what amazing materials they were and what they could do.
  • It is an interesting fact that during my tour I was never allowed access to computers, radios, or anything else that I might damage through curiosity, or perhaps something more sinister.
  • Another important aspect of our home was respect for ideas.
  • Over the course of time this gave us a deep respect for ideas, both our own and those of others, and an understanding that conflict through debate is a powerful means of revealing truth.
  • In parallel with the development of my interests in technical gadgetry I began to acquire a profound love of and respect for the natural world which motivates my scientific thinking to this day.