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Amazing Cool Famous Food Home Hope Morning Movies Relationship Romantic Sad Smile Sports Thankful

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Taylor Lautner has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about amazing, cool, famous, food, home, hope, morning, movies, relationship, romantic, sad, smile, sports & thankful. People always share Amazing quotes, Cool quotes, famous, food, home, hope, morning, movies, relationship & romantic from his literary works.

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  • I guess winning an Oscar is the ultimate dream. A lot of amazing actors go their whole career without even being nominated. So that would definitely be a goal to reach. It's a difficult one, but I'm aiming for it!
  • You show up in Paris, and on the drive from the airport to the hotel you're like, 'This is so cool! I want to see something! I want to go to the Eiffel Tower!' And then you leave the next morning. You think, Oh, I didn't get to do anything. I tell people: I've been just about everywhere, but I've seen nothing.
  • I got the famous Oprah hug!
  • At one point I had to shove as much food in my body as possible to pack on calories. My trainer wanted me to do six meals a day and not go two hours without eating. If I would cheat on eating one day, I could tell - I'd drop a few pounds.
  • The day I finished 'Twilight,' I came home and started bulking up. For 'New Moon,' I'm 30 pounds heavier than I was in 'Twilight.'
  • I hope that I would be considered romantic. I don't know... one of my favorite movies is 'The Notebook' so I guess that would be considered romantic. But I think being romantic is more than the flowers and the gifts. It's about connecting with the person and being able to talk and share things with her.
  • There's some things you just have to live with. Like twelve cars camping outside your house, and when you wake up in the morning, they're going to follow you wherever you go. It helps that I live in Valencia. It eliminates some. But they're still here.
  • It's always uncomfortable for me when I take off my shirt. No one else is taking their shift off. Why is everyone else in these movies bundled up in layers of clothing and I'm taking my clothes off all the time?
  • Filming 'Eclipse' - Eclipse was my favorite book so I was really excited to start filming the movie. I just love that it's the height of the love triangle. 'Twilight' develops Edward and Bella's relationship, 'New Moon' develops Jacob and Bella's and in 'Eclipse,' the three of them are physically together.
  • It's very rare that things are true about yourself that are on the Internet. It's just sad sometimes. So you definitely try and stay away from it as much as possible.