Now and then in Urdu

Now and then in Urdu means;

kabhi kubhaar کبھی کبھار

Idioms related to the words in now and then

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What is now and then meaning in Urdu?

kabhi kubhaar - کبھی کبھار

What are the idioms related to now and then?

Here are the idioms that are related to the now and then idiom.

  • Qismat ka chukkar kabhi opar kabhi neechay - قسمت کا چکر کبھی اوپر کبھی نیچے
  • Kabhi kubhaar - کبھی کبھار
  • Merry billi aur majhi say miyaon - میری بلی اور مجھی سے میاوٴں