Bethna in English

bethna - بیٹھنا in English means;

sit down

Words meanings used in Bethna

Meanings of the Urdu words used in bethna - بیٹھنا are;

collapse mount quadrate sink sit incubate perch recline subside بیٹھنا Bethna

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is bethna meaning in English?

bethna - بیٹھنا

What are the idioms related to bethna?

Here are the idioms that are related to the bethna idiom.

  • Ghamgeen kay paas koi bethna pasan nahi karta - غمگین کے پاس کوئی بیٹھنا پسند نہیں کرتا
  • Dost say zara si baat par lar bethna munasib nahi - دوست سے ذرا سی بات پر لڑ بیٹھنا مناسب نہیں
  • Dar tak bethna - دیر تک بیٹھنا

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