Bhooka so rookha in English

bhooka so rookha - بُھوکا سو رُوکھا in English means;

a hungry man is angry man

Words meanings used in Bhooka so rookha

Meanings of the Urdu words used in bhooka so rookha - بُھوکا سو رُوکھا are;

cool frigid رُوکھا Rookha
direction hundred side 100 hundredth one hundred sou hundreders hundredths سو So
hungry jejune sharp set starving hungerer hungred بھوکا Bhooka

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is bhooka so rookha meaning in English?

bhooka so rookha - بُھوکا سو رُوکھا

What are the idioms related to bhooka so rookha?

Here are the idioms that are related to the bhooka so rookha idiom.

  • Bhookay ko kia rookha kia sookha - بُھوکے کو کیا رُوکھا کیا سُوکھا
  • Bhooka so rokha - بھوکا سو روکھا
  • Bhooka sipaahi khaak larhay gaa - بھوکا سپاہی خاک لڑے گا
  • Udhaar khanay say bhooka para rehna behtar bay - اُدھار کھانے سے بُھوکا پڑا رہنا بہتر ہے