Bohat sakht in English

bohat sakht - بہت سخت in English means;

unbearably hard

Words meanings used in Bohat sakht

Meanings of the Urdu words used in bohat sakht - بہت سخت are;

aggravated arduous consolidated cruel diamond difficult drastic egregious firm grim horny impenitent impetuous morose obdurate operose oppressive outrageous raw rigid severe strict strong sturdy stiff stringent stony taut vehement violent wooden argentous callous exacting extreme flinty hard hardening harsh heathenish heavy high handed inclement indurate inelastic inexorable inflexible intense ironclad laborious lacrimal loud nipping raucous ribless rigout scrumptious scrumpy sorbent sternutative sternutatory stiffener stratified strengthened stumpy toilsome tough toughened touter trying unbending uncompromising unmerciful wrothful durst fiercer fiercest fierier foughty fructuous harrowed harshened hushy mordent severer sterner sternitic sternward stied stiffened stiffer stiffish stillest stiver stoor stratous streperous strich stricter strictured stridulant stridulous strifeful stripeless strumatic strumous struthious strutted tartareous tatous tattier tautened tightened tightens tighter toilful torminous torrefied toughener tougheners toughening tougher toughish touzle touzled touzling trothful tushy verrucous constringent dureful efferous enervous harborous liefsome piligerous quercite rigidulous roboreous slent sordiferous stibious strigous strude stupeous sturk swough tartarous tentiginous teretous tergeminous terreous tonous tureenful ustorious wieldsome rigourous سخت sakht
awfully considerable freely generally greatly immensely many mickle more most much numerous ultra very damnably inordinate lots ternately huch tuch بہت Bohat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is bohat sakht meaning in English?

bohat sakht - بہت سخت

What are the idioms related to bohat sakht?

Here are the idioms that are related to the bohat sakht idiom.

  • Sakht say sakht kaam khushi say karna waajib bay - سخت سے سخت کام خوشی سے کرنا واجب ہے
  • Sheerein alfaaz sakht say sakht dil ko bhi moum kar letay hain - شیریں الفاظ سخت سے سخت دِل کو بھی موم کر لیتے ہیں
  • Chidchiday mareez say tabeeb bhi sakht salook karta bay - چِڑچِڑے مریض سے طبیب بھی سخت سلوک کرتا ہے
  • Roa'nn neem shamijalana . sakht mehnat karna - روعن نیم شمی جلانا۔ سخت محنت کرنا