Khulay dil say in English

khulay dil say - کھلے دل سے in English means;

open mind

Words meanings used in Khulay dil say

Meanings of the Urdu words used in khulay dil say - کھلے دل سے are;

courage encouragement generosity host jeo mind swarm wish heart inclination solidity soul thickness دل dil
cum from per ruefully than through with at by to سے Say
nakedly کھلے Khulay
ticker دِل dil

Idioms related to the words in khulay dil say

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is khulay dil say meaning in English?

khulay dil say - کھلے دل سے

What are the idioms related to khulay dil say?

Here are the idioms that are related to the khulay dil say idiom.

  • Bohat khulay dil say aur zor-o-shor kay sath daad duniya - بہت کھلے دل سے اور زوروشور کے ساتھ داد دنیا
  • Khulay dil say maizbaan hona - کھلے دل سے میزبان ہونا
  • Khulay dil say istaqbaal karna - کھلے دل سے استقبال کرنا