Oonchi cheez in English

oonchi cheez - اونچی چیز in English means;

big shot

Words meanings used in Oonchi cheez

Meanings of the Urdu words used in oonchi cheez - اونچی چیز are;

article commodity materia object ware belonging item noun thing chez thinghood thinginess thingness ches چیز Cheez
altricial high pitched high stepped high strung highbrowed highbrows upstared operous اونچی Oonchi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is oonchi cheez meaning in English?

oonchi cheez - اونچی چیز

What are the idioms related to oonchi cheez?

Here are the idioms that are related to the oonchi cheez idiom.

  • Sab say umda phal sab say oonchi sakh par lagta bay naayaab cheez aasaani say hath nahi lagti - سب سے عمدہ پھل سب سے اُونچی شاخ پر لگتا ہے نایاب چیز آسانی سے ہاتھ نہیں لگتی
  • Oonchi dokan pheeka pakwan - اونچی دوکان پھیکا پکوان
  • Oonchi dukaan pheeka pakwan - اُونچی دُوکان پھیکا پکوان