Sajana in English

sajana - سجانا in English means;

inlay with

Words meanings used in Sajana

Meanings of the Urdu words used in sajana - سجانا are;

accoutre apparel array dight dispose dizen dress emblaze flourish garnish grace trim varnish adorn bedeck decorate embellish lace up tumefy dearn decolorate سجانا Sajana

Idioms related to the words in sajana

Here is a list of some of the idioms that are either related to the sajana or use words from this idiom.

Push the bottle sharaab ki mahfil sajana شراب کی محفل سجانا

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is sajana meaning in English?

sajana - سجانا

What are the idioms related to sajana?

Here are the idioms that are related to the sajana idiom.

  • Sharaab ki mahfil sajana - شراب کی محفل سجانا