Taqreeban in English

taqreeban - تقریباً in English means;

more or less

Words meanings used in Taqreeban

Meanings of the Urdu words used in taqreeban - تقریباً are;

about approximately nearly round semi almost proximate roughly thereabout well nigh تقریباً Taqreeban
just about approximal proximately تقریبا Taqreeban

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is taqreeban meaning in English?

taqreeban - تقریباً

What are the idioms related to taqreeban?

Here are the idioms that are related to the taqreeban idiom.

  • Buray ka chaal chalan taqreeban hamesha naa paidar aur hamesha badalnay wala hota bay - بُرے کا چال چلن تقریباً ہمیشہ نا پائیدار اور ہمیشہ بدلنے والا ہوتا ہے