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Albert Brooks has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about anger, business, cool, dad, death, family, funny, future, humor, marriage, mom, money & movies. People always share Anger quotes, Business quotes, cool, dad, death, family, funny, future, humor & marriage from his literary works.

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Here are the top most famous quotes by Albert Brooks.

  • I think anger and laughter are very close to each other, when you think about it.
  • All improv turns into anger. All comedy improv basically turns into anger, because that's all people know how to do when they're improvising. If you notice shows that are improvising are generally people yelling at each other.
  • I'd still like to see 'Survivor' minus the planned show-biz parts. That would be the purest form of show business - I want to see someone so hungry that they eat somebody else's foot.
  • Movies are an expensive business.
  • Even though my father was a radio comedian, it wasn't cool to say, at a young age, 'I want to be a comedian.'
  • My mom was a professional. My dad and mom met each other in a movie called 'New Faces of 1937.' My mom went under the name Thelma Leeds, and she did a few movies, and she was really a great singer, and when she married my dad and started to have a family, she sang at parties.
  • When I was younger, I wasn't concentrating on good days. I was managing a career and trying to have a good year. It would always 'lead' to something, which never leads to anything except death, where everything leads to. And then as I got older, and then I had my kids and everything, I began to appreciate a great Wednesday.
  • I don't want to be the one to break it to you, but the future ain't that funny.
  • Twitter, to me, works if you're funny. Twitter doesn't work as a promotional tool unless you do it very, very, very occasionally.
  • I've been to many funerals of funny people, and they're some of the funniest days you'll ever have, because the emotions run high.