Urdu Transliteration by Paragraph

Urdu Transliteration into Roman paragraph converter, Copy paste whole Urdu or roman paragraph to get it transliterated in Urdu or Roman Urdu

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Urdu Transliteration by Paragraph?

Urdu transliteration by paragraph is a process that can convert whole urdu sentences or paragraphs text into roman Urdu paragraphs or vice versa in a single click.

E.g., You can copy/paste “لاک ڈاؤن میں مٹن بنانا سیکھ لیا” and it will get converted into “Lockdown meyn Mutton banaana Seekh Liya”.

What is an Urdu Transliteration by Paragraph Tool?

An Urdu Transliteration by paragraph tool will help users convert whole sentences or paragraphs written in urdu text into roman urdu or written in roman Urdu to Urdu text. The tool we have created is a paragraph Urdu transliteration tool as it does the conversion for a complete sentence or a paragraph from both Urdu text to Roman Urdu and Roman Urdu to Urdu Text. It is useful when you already have a lot of Urdu or Roman Urdu text that you need to get translated.

Why Urdu Transliteration by paragraph or sentence is important?

Urdu transliteration by paragraph or sentence is important because there are times when you do not want to write the text that you need to get converted instead you want to copy paste it. It can save a lot of time for a user to convert a single sentence or complete articles from Urdu text to Roman Urdu or from Roman Urdu to Urdu text. However if you are trying to write your own text, our other tools of word-by-word transliteration from Urdu & Roman Urdu can be more useful.