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Car Environmental Food Women

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Alexandra Paul has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about car, environmental, food & women. People always share Car quotes, Environmental quotes, food & women from his literary works.

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Here are the top most famous quotes by Alexandra Paul.

  • The cars we drive say a lot about us.
  • I had never been able to get a car that said how much I cared about the environment until I drove electric.
  • When the Exxon Valdez spilled in 1989, I was angry. I even wrote on the back of my car, Boycott Exxon!
  • For me, going vegan was an ethical and environmental decision. I'm doing the right thing by the animals.
  • I don't always buy organic food. It is more expensive.
  • I've always preferred food be on the blander side.
  • Unless everyone grasps the importance of having only two children per couple, wars won't be over just oil anymore, they will be over water and food.
  • Women have this obsession with shoes.