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Age Amazing Business Dad Experience Famous Funny Great Home Hope Movies Power Travel Wedding

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Christopher Walken has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about age, amazing, business, dad, experience, famous, funny, great, home, hope, movies, power, travel & wedding. People always share Age quotes, Amazing quotes, business, dad, experience, famous, funny, great, home & hope from his literary works.

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Here are the top most famous quotes by Christopher Walken.

  • No, but way before that, I've been doing little dances in movies for years. Yeah, that was an amazing chance. You know, at my age to be able to do a music dance video, very unusual.
  • There probably aren't a lot of actors my age who tap dance.
  • I'll tell you, Quentin Tarantino really writes the most amazing dialogue.
  • I think early on I knew what I was going to do and it was based a lot on familiarity but it was also because I didn't have a lot of skills. There was nothing I wanted t be. I didn't want to be a doctor. I wanted to be in show business.
  • I think that if I had grown up and had been in show business and the movies twenty five, thirty years earlier, I think I would have made a lot more musical movies.
  • I think the fact that I was raised in show business, in New York City, in the '50s, that's affected my personality to the point that I'm a little different.
  • Also for me it was different because I play a lot of villains and in this one I play a dad and I play a good guy, basically. He's the Secretary of the Treasury. I never had a job like that.
  • Obviously an actor draws on his own experience.
  • My hair was famous before I was.
  • There's something dangerous about what's funny. Jarring and disconcerting. There is a connection between funny and scary.