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Age Anger Beauty Christmas Cool Experience Family Famous Freedom Hope Marriage Money Movies Music Peace Positive Romantic Sad Travel Trust War

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Diane Kruger has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about age, anger, beauty, christmas, cool, experience, family, famous, freedom, hope, marriage, money, movies, music, peace, positive, romantic, sad, travel, trust & war. People always share Age quotes, Anger quotes, beauty, christmas, cool, experience, family, famous, freedom & hope from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Diane Kruger?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Diane Kruger.

  • What I really tried to do with Helen was make her show this sad side of her. She was married off at 16, was so young and living in this castle that can't leave because of how she looks, and married to a man she hates and three times her age.
  • Yeah, to me, acting is very therapeutic. I get out a lot of anger and frustration.
  • Her beauty didn't do her any good and she couldn't use it in any positive way or manipulative way. I just hope that people will look and see and believe in that hope of love, that hope of freedom, even if it was just for a limited time.
  • I'm not one of those women who thinks beauty is a curse.
  • A lot of directors idealize their leading ladies or turn them into these objects of sexuality and beauty.
  • It's quite a famous story that takes place on Christmas Eve, and the Germans, French, and Scottish are trying to make peace one night and they bury their dead and they play football. I play a German opera singer, in German, which I never have so I am really excited about that.
  • I made a French film called 'Merry Christmas' which is a very European film. It's a World War I piece.
  • Orlando's a really cool guy. They hired him for 'Lord of the Rings' out of drama school. He's very new at this still and doesn't have a lot of experience. So we were in this together and we've tried to help each other out. We felt very equal which was good.
  • I have a kind of boring personal life, to the paparazzi anyway, and I don't hang with the cool crowd.
  • I have three goddaughters - I'm not sure why they trust me, because I have no experience with children - but I try.