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Age Art Business Change Dad Death Famous Mom Morning Sad

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Helena Bonham Carter has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about age, art, business, change, dad, death, famous, mom, morning & sad. People always share Age quotes, Art quotes, business, change, dad, death, famous, mom, morning & sad from his literary works.

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Here are the top most famous quotes by Helena Bonham Carter.

  • I was a mixture of being incredibly old for my age and incredibly backwards. I was born quite old, but then I stopped growing. I lived with my mum and dad till I was 30.
  • I'm not dead and I don't have blue hair but some people say there are similarities. It is usually intolerable to watch myself onscreen but this time it's fine. I think it's beautiful and a real work of art.
  • Most of my relationships were people in the business. Having said that, me and Tim don't really talk that much about work. He comes into my bit of the house every so often to vent but we don't really have very high, cultured conversations.
  • It took me so many years to move out. I'm definitely a bit of a Peter Pan, reluctant to grow up. It all seemed really nice at home-why change it? Part of me would prefer not to have any responsibility whatsoever.
  • I have to struggle to change people's perceptions of me. I grew very frustrated with the perception that I'm this shy, retiring, inhibited aristocratic creature when I'm absolutely not like that at all. I think I'm much more outgoing and exuberant than my image.
  • No matter how many modern parts I do, people still refer to me as Mrs. Costume Drama. Fight Club is a studio pic, and I've done very few of those. I've got a feeling it's going to change things for me.
  • I don't think kids have a problem with death. It's us older ones who are nearer to it, that start being frightened.
  • She looks like a warrior. I mean, Bellatrix does mean warrior. And she's also a bit of a fatale. She's the right hand of Voldemort, and the only woman death eater.
  • Famous people come up to me, but I don't know who they are because my sight is so bad. It's always at the pool of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills when I don't have my lenses in and my glasses are in my room.
  • My mom being a psychotherapist, I've been brought up with that whole psychoanalytical terrain.