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Joel Silver has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about movies, sports & war. People always share Movies quotes, Sports quotes, war from his literary works.

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  • The only problem is I can't get into PG-13 Land. I just get stuck in R rated movies, which they would love us to make PG-13 movies but I never get there. But I think that you've got to make them different. You've got to switch them up.
  • The dubbing of the music and effects is really incredible today. You're feeling gun shots. I mean, it's not the way people say it is, but the gunshot sounds real. And cars sound real. Among the many things in the evolution (of movies) is to make the sound in the movie incredible. That's what you feel.
  • The core of the movie business remains intact and it's not descending in scope. Studios want movies that are bigger than ever.
  • I never really was that passionate about playing sports. But when I was at this Mt. Herman school, I did have the ability to throw the frisbee. So when this sport evolved, it was fun because I was good at it.
  • There aren't a lot of guys like me left. But I'm a war horse. I've been through it all. And you know something about war horses? Through the sleet, through the snow, they just keep going.