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Age Amazing Cool Design Funny Learning Marriage Mom Movies Smile Sports Travel Trust

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Kellan Lutz has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about age, amazing, cool, design, funny, learning, marriage, mom, movies, smile, sports, travel & trust. People always share Age quotes, Amazing quotes, cool, design, funny, learning, marriage, mom, movies & smile from his literary works.

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  • I started out modeling at a young age and surrounded myself with different brilliant minds. I have so many people to get educated from, and I've been a sponge.
  • 'Twilight' is such an amazing project, and I think it opened up doors for all of us cast members.
  • I finish so many books it's amazing. I'm also doing Rosetta Stone, learning some French.
  • I was blessed, because I come from a family where they knock you down before you float away. I have a lot of brothers who just make sure we have our feet on the ground, and my mom is a rock star. She is an amazing mother.
  • I love Poseidon. His trident - his weapon - is really cool.
  • Hats off to starting a franchise younger than we all did in 'Twilight' and keeping your cool. The 'Harry Potter' men and women had, what, a 10-year run?
  • Even in high school, I had friends that I didn't know were gay until years later. I'd find out on Facebook or something and be like, 'Oh, that explains some things,' or 'Wow, no wonder they were so cool.'
  • What I've learned from different designers is that it's key to be true to who you are and your vision. That's always been my line of thinking. Working through the whole design process, I don't want to create something I wouldn't be proud to wear.
  • It's funny when people say you have sex appeal or call you the next Brad Pitt. I just laugh. I'm not that. I don't want to be that.
  • By no means do I want to be a piece of meat for the rest of my career. It's funny when you get asked to do a talk show, and then they follow it up with requesting you take your shirt off.