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Kevin Costner has written on many topics. Some of the topics he has discussed most are as follows;

Business Change Dreams Failure Famous Fear History Home Life Money Movies Politics Relationship Sports War

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What does Kevin Costner write about?

Kevin Costner has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about business, change, dreams, failure, famous, fear, history, home, life, money, movies, politics, relationship, sports & war. People always share Business quotes, Change quotes, dreams, failure, famous, fear, history, home, life & money from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Kevin Costner?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Kevin Costner.

  • I believe people who go into politics want to do the right thing. And then they hit a big wall of re-election and the pettiness of politics. In the end, politics gets in the way of the business of people.
  • I've had some movies that have been ridiculed, but that's OK with me. I don't feel that really defines me. Should I change who I am to be popular?
  • Field of Dreams is probably our generation's It's A Wonderful Life.
  • I'm a big fan of dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are our first casualty in life - people seem to give them up, quicker than anything, for a 'reality.'
  • Failure doesn't kill you... it increases your desire to make something happen.
  • I know I have this level of celebrity, of fame, international, national, whatever you want to call it, but it's a pretty surreal thing to think sometimes that you're in the middle of another famous person's life and you think to yourself, 'How the hell did I get famous? What is this some weird club that we're in?'
  • We all have that burning question about what happens if we lose somebody we love, especially if we lose them tragically. We wonder what fear was going on, we wonder if we could have reached out and touched them, held their hand, looked in their eyes, been there.
  • When I read Thirteen Days I was moved by it. It was just a great time for the world, in terms of looking back in history and seeing how we got ourselves into trouble and how we got ourselves out of trouble.
  • I like American history.
  • When I make a film I'm away from home for two to three months. So I want my kids to look at my films one day and say, I love his movies, I love his choices-because he loved them.
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