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Car Christmas Dreams Famous Hope Learning Mom Morning

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Lucy Hale has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about car, christmas, dreams, famous, hope, learning, mom & morning. People always share Car quotes, Christmas quotes, dreams, famous, hope, learning, mom & morning from his literary works.

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  • I took guitar a while back, and my heart wasn't in it at the time, but I'm ready to try it again. I sing in the car, at home - it's a huge part of my life, especially since I'm from Tennessee.
  • I love Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert - they write from the heart. But it's hard to find a country music lover in L.A. None of my friends really listen to it, and they hate getting in the car with me because I just blast Taylor Swift.
  • I definitely love that all these car brands are coming out with hybrid forms of every car that they have. It's very awesome because I think it does make a difference, and it doesn't hurt that you save a lot of money on gas.
  • I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where I woke up Christmas morning and had toys. I know that's not the case with all people and I don't think kids should go without experiencing that sort of joy.
  • My favorite toy growing up was Polly Pocket. But one gift that I wanted though never received for Christmas was a pair of trampoline moon shoes. You strap them to your feet and they have springs on them, and you can just jump around!
  • You only get one album. You only get one single. You get one shot in music. But I have a million different dreams. Why can't I go out and try to achieve them all? Who are you to say I can't?
  • My ultimate dream is to become a famous star because I love to sing.
  • I was sort of in denial about doing country for awhile but I sort of grew up and realized who I was, what I wanted to say. I think country music is the best music in the world and I'm glad to be doing a country album. I hope people will love it as much as I loved making it.
  • I'd love to go to fashion week! I'm learning more about designers, thanks to 'Pretty Little Liars'' costume designer, Mandi Line.
  • I'm from Tennessee. My mom lives in Nashville. I'm born and bred country. That's all I listen to.