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Business Change Dad Dreams Experience Faith Family Freedom Future God Government History Home Hope Leadership Legal Mom Money Movies Nature Peace Politics Positive Power Religion Sad Society Success Trust Truth War Women

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Marco Rubio has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about business, change, dad, dreams, experience, faith, family, freedom, future, god, government, history, home, hope, leadership, legal, mom, money, movies, nature, peace, politics, positive, power, religion, sad, society, success, trust, truth, war & women. People always share Business quotes, Change quotes, dad, dreams, experience, faith, family, freedom, future & god from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Marco Rubio?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Marco Rubio.

  • But let me tell you what happens when regulations go too far, when they seem to exist only for the purpose of justifying the existence of a regulator. It kills the people trying to start a business.
  • No community values entrepreneurship and small business more than the Hispanic community.
  • I traveled the state of Florida for two years campaigning. I have never met a job creator who told me that they were waiting for the next tax increase before they started growing their business. I've never met a single job creator who's ever said to me I can't wait until government raises taxes again so I can go out and create a job.
  • Under Barack Obama, the only 'Change' is that 'Hope' has been hard to find. Now millions of Americans are insecure about their future. But instead of inspiring us by reminding us of what makes us special, he divides us against each other. He tells Americans they're worse off because others are better off. That people got rich by making others poor.
  • Hope and Change has become Divide and Conquer.
  • My parents were working class folks. My dad was a bartender for most of his life, my mom was a maid and a cashier and a stock clerk at WalMart. We were not people of financial means in terms of significant financial means. I always told them, 'I didn't always have what I wanted. I always had what I needed.' My parents always provided that.
  • My dad was a bartender. My mom was a cashier, a maid and a stock clerk at K-Mart. They never made it big. They were never rich. And yet they were successful. Because just a few decades removed from hopelessness, they made possible for us all the things that had been impossible for them.
  • My Dad used to tell us: 'En este pais, ustedes van a poder lograr todas las cosas que nosotros no pudimos' 'In this country, you will be able to accomplish all the things we never could.'
  • What is the conservative movement? It's pretty straightforward. We believe that the way prosperity is created is when people have the freedom and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.
  • With unemployment still abysmally high, the Obama economy is crushing Hispanics' dreams for their children to live a better life.