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Ray Comfort has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about car, computers, courage, dating, faith, famous, fear, positive, religion, science, smile, trust & wisdom. People always share Car quotes, Computers quotes, courage, dating, faith, famous, fear, positive, religion & science from his literary works.

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  • Every song has a composer, every book has an author, every car has a maker, every painting has a painter, and every building has a builder. So it isn't irrational to take this simple logic a little further and say that nature must have had a Maker. It would be irrational to believe that it made itself.
  • In the past, missionaries have traveled to far countries with the message of the gospel - with great hardship and often with the loss of life. In contrast, we can reach millions instantly from the comfort of our homes by merely hitting the 'send' button on our computers, or with iPads, or phones.
  • It takes both courage and talent to stand up in front of fellow human beings and make them crack a smile, and at the same time keep it clean.
  • Evolution is unobservable. It's based on blind faith in a few dry bones and on unreliable dating systems in which the gullible trust. Kids should be allowed to make up their own minds about this issue, and not be censored to 'one side is all we will let you hear.'
  • Most atheists bristle at the thought that atheism has anything to do with faith, but not Penn Jillette.
  • If I want to understand the laws of physics I have to first believe what I read about physics. I have to have faith in what I read.
  • Few would argue that Richard Dawkins is the world's most famous atheist, especially now that his friend and rival for the title, Christopher Hitchens, has now gone to meet his Maker.
  • When men don't fear God, they give themselves to evil.
  • It is true that you can't prove a negative. However, the existence of God is provable in the same way a building is positive proof that there was a builder.
  • One of Dawkins' major gripes is against religion. I am in total agreement on that one. I abhor religion.