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Robert Plant Quotes and its meanings

Robert Plant has written on many topics. Some of the topics he has discussed most are as follows;

Alone Beauty Car Change Dad Home Life Music Peace Power Smile Success

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What does Robert Plant write about?

Robert Plant has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about alone, beauty, car, change, dad, home, life, music, peace, power, smile & success. People always share Alone quotes, Beauty quotes, car, change, dad, home, life, music, peace & power from his literary works.

What are the top most famous quotes by Robert Plant?

Here are the top most famous quotes by Robert Plant.

  • I like the idea of being alone. I like the idea of often being alone in all aspects of my life. I like to feel lonely. I like to need things.
  • Alone I'm nothing.
  • It's not some great work of beauty and love to be a rock-and-roll singer.
  • Whenever I have bid a hasty goodbye to a loved one, I've always made sure that my record collection was safely stored away in the boot of the car.
  • I have to try and change the landscape, whatever it is.
  • My dad played fiddle as well.
  • I daresay one good concert justifies a week of satisfaction at home.
  • You can't give up something you really believe in for financial reasons. If you die by the roadside - so be it. But at least you know you've tried. Ten minutes in the music scene was the equal of one hundred years outside of it.
  • Music is for every single person that walks the planet.
  • When I was a kid, I was following black soul music.
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