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Amazing Beauty Car Change Dad Education Faith Family Fear Forgiveness Health Marriage Mom Movies Peace Power Relationship Romantic Smile Thankful Wedding

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Sherri Shepherd has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about amazing, beauty, car, change, dad, education, faith, family, fear, forgiveness, health, marriage, mom, movies, peace, power, relationship, romantic, smile, thankful & wedding. People always share Amazing quotes, Beauty quotes, car, change, dad, education, faith, family, fear & forgiveness from his literary works.

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Here are the top most famous quotes by Sherri Shepherd.

  • I was homeless for a little bit. I was on people's couches, but it was an amazing journey. I got to make people laugh all the way.
  • God bless you if you have one child, but I don't think anybody should have just one child. Everybody needs a sibling. I have siblings, and I have so many amazing, precious memories with my siblings. I don't know what I would do if I had been an only child.
  • Wigs have always been a part of my life and have become a staple accessory in my closet. I can remember being a little girl and hearing all the commotion in my house from my mom, aunts and grandmother when picking out their wigs for the day. It was such a good time for them and part of their everyday beauty routine.
  • Once I accepted Christ I immediately had peace. I still didn't have a place to live, I still didn't have a car, but I had peace.
  • I am a type-2 diabetic, and they took me off medication simply because I ate right and exercised. Diabetes is not like a cancer, where you go in for chemo and radiation. You can change a lot through a basic changing of habits.
  • My dad has been married to his wife for 15 years and wherever he goes there better be a seat for her. I like real couples that tell you how to get through on Wednesdays when you're just at the end of your rope - the ones who really know how to make it through. We have to stop looking at Hollywood couples because you're going to get disappointed.
  • My sisters have been baptized and my dad is a deacon at his church now. Sadly my mother passed away but what I can say is that the Jehovah Witnesses took very good care of her up until she died.
  • My dad worked two jobs and moved us to the suburbs, and just being a black person, I went through a lot of racism and being called names and being bullied every single day. And it was hard. I didn't have any friends.
  • Realizing that the majority of kids that get molested feel that it is their fault, along with shame, those kids have no idea what to say or do to try to report anything, and add that with the lack of education, it is a complete recipe for disaster that leads to non-reporting of molestation.
  • My faith means everything to me. God and I talk constantly.