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Beauty Birthday Car Christmas Education Experience Faith Family Freedom Funny Graduation Health History Home Hope Humor Learning Marriage Morning Parenting Pet Power Smile Society Teacher Technology Travel Truth War Women

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Sloane Crosley has written on many topics but he is most famous for his work about beauty, birthday, car, christmas, education, experience, faith, family, freedom, funny, graduation, health, history, home, hope, humor, learning, marriage, morning, parenting, pet, power, smile, society, teacher, technology, travel, truth, war & women. People always share Beauty quotes, Birthday quotes, car, christmas, education, experience, faith, family, freedom & funny from his literary works.

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Here are the top most famous quotes by Sloane Crosley.

  • You can't possibly fathom the ins and outs of a prepubescent beauty treatment until you've felt the strange but exhilarating tingle of a cottage-cheese-and-Pop-Rocks facial.
  • Since graduation, I have measured time in 4-by-5-inch pieces of paper, four days on the left and three on the right. Every social engagement, interview, reading, flight, doctor's appointment, birthday and dry-cleaning reminder has been handwritten between metal loops.
  • I'm a summer baby, so I usually have my birthday as a good summer memory.
  • The Queen of Crafts herself, Martha Stewart, and I have the same birthday. I prefer to think it's the glue-gun wielding, perfect-tart-producing Martha and not the copper pan-throwing, jail-going Martha. But I suppose if I am going to share a calendar square with some of Martha, I have to share it with all of Martha.
  • The year most of my high school friends and I got our driver's permits, the coolest thing one could do was stand outside after school and twirl one's car keys like a lifeguard whistle. That jingling sound meant freedom and power.
  • Brits and Americans have hundreds of different phrases for the same thing. Luckily, it's usually a source of amusement rather than frustration. A flashlight by any other name is still a torch. My personal favourite is 'fairy lights,' which we boringly refer to as 'Christmas lights.'
  • My mother is a special education teacher but also an artist, and my father an advertising executive. They are about as wacky as you can get without being alcoholics.
  • For me, titles are either a natural two-second experience or stressful enough to give you an ulcer. If they don't pop out perfect on the first try, they can be really hard to repair. Or, worse, if the author thinks they pop out perfect, but the publishing house does not agree, it's difficult to shift gears. And then? Then you go insane.
  • I have a disproportionate amount of faith in the goodness of the world and that everything will actually work out okay.
  • I was the youngest of my entire family so you are tap-dancing to try to get the attention of your older cousins. I really hit my social stride in 6th grade, but before that I was a pretty big dork. You learn how to be amusing and how to work for it.