Roman Transliteration in Urdu

Roman Transliteration into Urdu, word by word from Urdu Text to Roman Urdu. Start typing a word in Urdu to get it transliterated in Roman Urdu.

Transliteration Roman Urdu into Urdu

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Roman Urdu Transliteration?

Roman Urdu transliteration is a process that can convert urdu text into roman Urdu which is written using English alphabets.

E.g., You can copy/paste or type بھالو and it will get converted into Bhalu.

What is a Roman Urdu Transliteration Tool?

A Roman Urdu Transliteration tool will help users convert words written in urdu text into roman urdu. The tool we have created is a very easy Roman Urdu transliteration tool as it does the conversion on a word to word basis and also suggests possible roman urdu words as one copy/paste or starts typing using Urdu text.

Why Roman Urdu Transliteration is important?

Roman Urdu transliteration is important because there are many people especially elder people who are not comfortable with Roman Urdu or can not even read text written in Roman Urdu which is a favorite communication language among youngsters. So using a Roman Urdu Transliteration tool can help them transliterate all that roman urdu words back into Urdu text and be able to understand the younger audience and be able to communicate with them in a better way.