Off the hinges in Urdu

Off the hinges in Urdu means;

bay tarteeb بے ترتیب

Words meanings used in Off the hinges

Meanings of the English words used in off the hinges are;

theخاص khaas وہی wahi وہی ohe وہی wohi وہ woh وہ Wo جس Jis ال al ال Ul
offدور duur دور daur دور Dour بعید baiid بعید Baid ہٹا ہوا hata hu a
hingesقلابے Qlaabey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is off the hinges meaning in Urdu?

bay tarteeb - بے ترتیب

What are the idioms related to off the hinges?

Here are the idioms that are related to the off the hinges idiom.

  • Alwadai party - الوداعی پارٹی
  • Alwida party - الوداع پارٹی
  • Alwida ya alwadai party - الوداع یا الوداعی پارٹی
  • Chalay jao - چلے جاو