Hats off to in Urdu

Hats off to in Urdu means;

budmaash بدمعاش

Words meanings used in Hats off to

Meanings of the English words used in hats off to are;

offبعید baiid بعید Baid دور duur دور daur دور Dour ہٹا ہوا hata hu a
hatsٹوپیاں Topiyan
toبا baa با ba در dar در dur فی fi فی Fee کو ko سے sey سے sai سے se سے Say سے sy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is hats off to meaning in Urdu?

budmaash - بدمعاش

What are the idioms related to hats off to?

Here are the idioms that are related to the hats off to idiom.

  • Alwadai party - الوداعی پارٹی
  • Alwida party - الوداع پارٹی
  • Alwida ya alwadai party - الوداع یا الوداعی پارٹی
  • Chalay jao - چلے جاو