Jhagarna in English

jhagarna - جھگڑنا in English means;

pull caps

Words meanings used in Jhagarna

Meanings of the Urdu words used in jhagarna - جھگڑنا are;

argue bicker contend dispute quarrel war spat vie wrangle insist upon جھگڑنا jhagarna

Idioms related to the words in jhagarna

Here is a list of some of the idioms that are either related to the jhagarna or use words from this idiom.

Join issue jhagarna shuru karna جھگڑنا شروع کرنا

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is jhagarna meaning in English?

jhagarna - جھگڑنا

What are the idioms related to jhagarna?

Here are the idioms that are related to the jhagarna idiom.

  • Jhagarna shuru karna - جھگڑنا شروع کرنا