Bhooka in English

bhooka - بھوکا in English means;

keen set

Words meanings used in Bhooka

Meanings of the Urdu words used in bhooka - بھوکا are;

hungry jejune sharp set starving hungerer hungred بھوکا Bhooka

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is bhooka meaning in English?

bhooka - بھوکا

What are the idioms related to bhooka?

Here are the idioms that are related to the bhooka idiom.

  • Bhooka so rokha - بھوکا سو روکھا
  • Bhooka so rookha - بُھوکا سو رُوکھا
  • Bhooka sipaahi khaak larhay gaa - بھوکا سپاہی خاک لڑے گا
  • Udhaar khanay say bhooka para rehna behtar bay - اُدھار کھانے سے بُھوکا پڑا رہنا بہتر ہے