Kisi ko pakarna in English

kisi ko pakarna - کسی کو پکڑنا in English means;

law put cast salt on one tail

Words meanings used in Kisi ko pakarna

Meanings of the Urdu words used in kisi ko pakarna - کسی کو پکڑنا are;

apprehend capture catch clutch cop discover entrammel grab grasp grip gripe hold nail obtain prevent seize sniggle take tweeze detect haul hitch clutching grabbing grabbling winching پکڑنا pakarna
for to ku کو ko
whatsoever any some کسی kisi

Idioms related to the words in kisi ko pakarna

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What is kisi ko pakarna meaning in English?

kisi ko pakarna - کسی کو پکڑنا

What are the idioms related to kisi ko pakarna?

Here are the idioms that are related to the kisi ko pakarna idiom.

  • Ungli pakarhtay pakarhtay pohancha pakarna - اُنگلی پکڑتے پکڑتے پہنچا پکڑنا
  • Jarrd pakarna - جڑ پکڑنا
  • Mushkil pakarna ya ikhtiyar karna - مشکل پکڑنا یا اختیار کرنا
  • Achanak pakarna - اچانک پکڑنا