Raftaar taiz rakhna in English

raftaar taiz rakhna - رفتار تیز رکھنا in English means;

force and pace

Words meanings used in Raftaar taiz rakhna

Meanings of the Urdu words used in raftaar taiz rakhna - رفتار تیز رکھنا are;

acid acrid active acute brisk caustic clever cutting fast fervent feisty fierce fiery furious glib glibly hot impetuous keen lively mordacious piping piquant poignant quick rakish rally rapid sharp sharp pointed shrill smart speedy spicy spunk spry strong tart tangy tempestuous tremendous trenchant vehement vivid violent zippy accelerated aculeated brainy braky brisant brisk up brisken edgy expeditious fipple furring hectic heft up impounding intense intensified larcenous lasher loud nipping ostensive piercing pungent quicker sharpened sharpy shirty snappy spadeful spanker spanking speeding spirant spunky swank torrential acuminated agouty brisked briskened briskening brisker briskest brisking eerier expedited expeditive fady fastish fastuous feaster ferreous fient flattish flintily flisk flisky flong flouncy fluking furfurous furzy glisk hypural larky lusk lustier musaceous pacey palpated panderly panderous pandurated pandying pisky ploutered pulverous quaky quiverish ripplier ripplingly ripply ruddying sharked sharny sharped sharpers sharpish smittle spangler spangling spankingly spankings spathulate spattee spatular spatule speaning sped speeded speedful speedless speered speired spewed spewiness spewy spieling spiking spirated spirewise splent splenting spoliatory spongious sprighting sprucing spuddy spurry spurtle steedy steened steered streamy strid stridden strode strouting surfeited surgeful swardy upblowing upping yare zappy accoutering blustrous dashy drasty fascet fastigiated ferulaceous impanated incendious incensive infandous lustering piaculous pulverulent radious riparious sharp witted sharpling spatiate speece spirable spriteful spritely thretty wing footed speeded up keen witted تیز Taiz
apply build hold implant keep keeping maintain plunk put laying on locate place possess set set down keepings placing embarge forewish رکھنا rakhna
gait motion movement pace speed tempo velocity walk speediness paces speans speeds speedsters velocities spece sperage رفتار raftaar

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is raftaar taiz rakhna meaning in English?

raftaar taiz rakhna - رفتار تیز رکھنا

What are the idioms related to raftaar taiz rakhna?

Here are the idioms that are related to the raftaar taiz rakhna idiom.

  • Raftaar taiz karna - رفتار تیز کرنا
  • Jitna waada karnay main taiz itna hee bhool janay main taiz - جتنا وعدہ کرنے میں تیز اتنا ہی بھول جانے میں تیز
  • Samnay rakhna dikhana awaam kay samnay rakhna - سامنے رکھنا دکھانا عوام کے سامنے رکھنا