Sakhti say rokna in English

sakhti say rokna - سختی سے روکنا in English means;

pin one down

Words meanings used in Sakhti say rokna

Meanings of the Urdu words used in sakhti say rokna - سختی سے روکنا are;

arduousness burdensomeness callousness firmness furiousness grossness impetuosity main nastiness obduracy oppression oppressiveness pinch rockiness sharply vehemence violence austereness difficultness fierceness fraternise grudging gruffness hardheartedness hardiness harding hardness hardship harshen harshness inclemency inflexibility inhumanity intensity onerousness pressure rigidification rigidity rigidness rigorousness rigourousness severeness severity somnolence sorcerise sordidness staunchness sternutation stiffness stoutness strength strenuousness strictness stricture stringency sturdiness tightfistedness toiling toilsomeness torpidness austerest bruteness bruter curstness exergue hardbeams hardens hardgrass hardiment hardish harshening irefulness pitchiness riggish rigidified rigidifies rigorism sortilegy sterned sterning sterns sties stiffeners stiffens stiltiness stiltish stilty stimed stoniness stouten stoutening strenuity strictish strictures strigiform strigose strudels strunt stubbing stumpiness sturt tensility toiled toils torridness untoiling vehemency vis crustaceousness exacerbescence hard tack harddihood hardfavoredness inexertion stiff neckedness stifftail stintedness straught striction strikle strull strumousness sturtion tardity tralucency سختی sakhti
arrest avert bar check contain confine curb dissuade encumber fend immanacle let object obstruct obviate prevent prescribes quench stop strain taboo veto ward withhold clog up curbing detain discontinuance fend for fend off forestall heft hinder impede inhibit inhibited inhibitor inhibitory interdict interfere kerb knock off obtrude upon occlude prohibit repress restrain stint ward off withholding cohibit curbed disinhibit fending fends forhenting haltering inhibiting inhibitive withholden intercepting obstringe prelimit روکنا rokna
cum from per ruefully than through with at by to سے Say

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is sakhti say rokna meaning in English?

sakhti say rokna - سختی سے روکنا

What are the idioms related to sakhti say rokna?

Here are the idioms that are related to the sakhti say rokna idiom.

  • Jo kaam narmi say naqal sakta bay sakhti say nahi naqal sakta - جو کام نرمی سے نکل سکتا ہے سختی سے نہیں نکل سکتا
  • Jo kaam narmi say ho sakta bay woh sakhti say nahi ho sakta - جو کام نرمی سے ہو سکتا ہے وہ سختی سے نہیں ہو سکتا
  • Narmi ki nah'n sakhti ki haan say bhali bay - نرمی کی نہں سختی کی ہاں سے بھلی ہے
  • Sakhti say hukumat karna - سختی سے حکومت کرنا